4 Advantages of IV Infusion


Intravenous therapy has been part of the medical standard of care for most health treatments for a very long time—dating back even to the Middle Ages. Granted, the medical community has come a long way since those first treatments, and today IV infusion can even be an ancillary treatment used when you’re not even technically sick to achieve greater overall health and well being. Consider these four possible advantages of infusion therapy. 

Improve immunity with IV infusion

You’ve read about the daily recommended amounts of vitamins and nutrients in your food. Well, it’s no secret that most people don’t even get close. Your body only functions optimally with those vitamins and nutrients, so supplementing your intake with IV fusion is a surefire way to improve your overall health thereby improving your immune response to sickness and disease.   

Improve anxiety and depression

When your body is functioning optimally, you feel better overall. These good, positive feelings will also help to offset anxiety and depression that you might struggle with from time to time. In addition, IV infusion provides much needed fluids to the body and the brain. A well-hydrated brain will function as it should, and so many of the vitamins and nutrients delivered through IV therapy will go a long way to support healthy brain function. 

Boost energy with IV infusion

When your body has the proper nutrients and minerals that it needs to function properly, you’ll also feel more energetic. You can count on IV infusions to help boost your energy in this way. During the treatment your cells will get a recharge and begin to repair themselves and replicate into new healthy cells.   

Improve cognition and memory

Just as IV therapy can help combat the effects of depression and anxiety, it can also improve brain health and have specific impacts on cognition and memory. Hydration is the key, and most people don’t drink enough fresh water throughout the day to keep their brain properly hydrated. IV therapy helps with hydration directly and the difference from before and after can be astounding. 

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