Anti-Aging & Beauty Drip

Anti-Aging & Beauty Drip


The aging process is inevitable and associated with various metabolic changes. NeuroStriveLounge Anti-Aging IV therapy contains a high dose of biotin, MIC, B12, B-complex as well as Vitamin C to help detoxify the body from damaging free radicals and improve the appearance of your hair, skin and nails. This rejuvenating infusion will replenish and nourish your body and skin, decrease fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin elasticity. Look and feel your best with healthy radiant skin and hair. This is an ultimate therapy to make you look younger.


Biotin • Vitamin C • Glutathione • Lysine • B12 • B-Complex • COQ10 Shot


Restores Hydration
Prevents & Reverses Effects of Free Radicals on Your Skin
Rejuvenates Your Skin, Hair & Nails
Reverses the Signs of Aging
Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Price Per Drip


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