Athlete Booster Drip

Athlete Booster Drip


This “CHAMPIONS DRIP” provides the essential nutrients to hydrate your body, build and heal your muscles to optimize your endurance, enhance recovery and soothe soreness from strenuous exercise and work out. This ultimate infusion of B12, B-complex, methionine, inositol, choline, taurine, glutathione and L-carnitine, is ideal for the athlete who wants to maximize muscle growth, improve circulation and stamina, enhance performance and speedy recovery from intense exercise.


BCAA • L-Carnitine • L-Glutamine • L-Arginine • Taurine • Glutathione • Magnesium • B12 • B-Complex


Restores Hydration
Enhances Athletic Performance
Strengthens Your Endurance
Maximizes Muscle Growth
Boosts Your Overall Performance

Price Per Drip


Address: 1929 NW Federal Hwy, Stuart, FL 34994 Phone: 772-444-8482

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