Women and men both all over the world are falling in love with med spas. These facilities are a combination of a day spa, and an aesthetic medical facility. The services available depend entirely on the location you visit, but here are a few available at a med spa. 

Med Spa IV drips

Patients everywhere swear by the benefits of IV drips. These treatments include the administration of beneficial fluids, vitamins, and nutrients into the body intravenously. A med spa has IV drips to help with a host of things from weight loss to hangover help. If you need a little something extra to achieve a greater sense of overall health and wellbeing, consider scheduling an IV treatment. 

Injections available

The wonders of Botox injections have long been celebrated in the fields of aesthetics and dermatology. These injections are delivered by tiny needles to areas of concern on the face. There are many types of injections these days beyond just Botox and a candid conversation with a knowledgeable aesthetician about your options is a good way to start. 

Treat your face

Medical facials are another way to care for your skin. Like injections, there are many types of facials depending on your goals. Try an essential facial which hydrates, nourishes, and re energizes dry skin. A hydration facial helps to hydrate and soothe dry, sensitive and irritated skin. Or try a complexion RX facial which deep cleans, calms, and restores blemish-prone skin. 

New treatments on the cutting edge

One new treatment option available at this med spa is called IV NAD+ therapy. It combats forms of addiction by replacing the body’s nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide which is an enzyme naturally made by the body and part of its energy production process. The theory is that by restoring the body’s NAD+ levels, energy production is optimized and drug dependence and cravings reduced. 


Crows’ feet are a sign of aging that almost everyone deals with. Their appearance isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because they also mean your life has been full of joy and happiness. They form after many years of the tiniest muscle contractions along the sides of each eye when you smile, laugh, or cry. The great news is, if these aging lines really bother you, there are a few different ways that you can get rid of crows’ feet lines. 

Get rid of crows’ feet with botox 

Botox treatments are one sure fire way to reduce the appearance of crows’ feet lines. Each treatment consists of small injections directly into the sagging skin. The end result is a more firm area where fine lines and wrinkles disappear. Each botox treatment lasts between three and six months, and regular treatments are required to maintain the tight look.   

Try peels to rid the face of crows’ feet 

Chemical peels are another way to treat crows’ feet on the face. There are typically three types of chemical peels including superficial, medium depth, and deep peels. All of these should be done by a licensed and trained provider. Results last anywhere from two to four weeks for superficial peels and six to 12 months for deep peels.  

Try dermal fillers 

Dermal fillers are another way to fix crows’ feet on the face. Common names of dermal fillers include Juviderm and Restylayne and both are administered in med spas. The fillers deliver added nutrients that help the skin appear more volumness and retain more moisture and softness. 

Use products to disguise crows’ feet

If you’re not ready for medical treatments to diminish the appearance of your crows’ feet, there are a variety of tricks you can accomplish with over-the-counter products. You can use a high-quality moisturizing cream twice each day to improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines over time. You can also use a silicone primer before applying your concealer for a smooth surface or use a damp sponge when applying foundation. 


If you’ve been considering Botox treatment but have lingering questions about the procedure, you’re in luck. The beauty treatment has been increasing in popularity for the past several years and availability of the treatment has followed suit. Here are a few things that you should know about botox. 

What is Botox?

Botox actually is derived from a toxic substance called Clostridium botulinum. In many instances it’s been blamed for severe food poisoning and it can actually make people deathly ill. The FDA approved its use for cosmetic procedures and the effects are beneficial in this setting rather than the effects when you eat the bacteria. Botox includes an injection in the site of droopy or wrinkled skin that smoothes the skin temporarily. 

What can I expect from the procedure?

When you schedule a Botox treatment, you’ll need to make time for an initial consultation at which time you’ll convey your medical history to the provider. You’ll also have an opportunity to ask any lingering questions that you might have. Once you’re cleared for treatment, a technician will make tiny injections of the Botox into concerned areas on your body. The first appointment might last 30 minutes while follow-up appointments that might be much quicker than that.   

Does it hurt?

Most medical providers that offer Botox treatments will offer topical numbing medicine that can be applied before the injections are given. It won’t make the feeling of the injection go away completely, but it will minimize the pinch of the needle. Injections are made very quickly and over time, you’ll feel them less and less. 

How often do I need to have Botox? 

The effects of your first Botox treatment will last about three to four months before you’ll need to go back for a follow up. To maintain the look you hope to achieve, you’ll need to repeat the treatment every three to four months. Over time, and after several rounds of injections, you might be able to wait even longer before treatments.


The popularity of Botox treatments is on the rise with a more than 40 percent increase in treatments around the country in the past year. Treatments are typically administered as a medical spa or doctor’s office and can have a huge impact on wrinkles and fine lines especially on the face. If you’re considering trying Botox Treasure Coast for the first time, here’s everything you need to know. 

What is Botox Treasure Coast 

Botox Treasure Coast injections are a treatment protocol approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that improves the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in adults. The drug that is injected by way of a tiny needle is administered to the muscles of the face most used by facial expressions like smiling, laughing, and frowning. The medicine temporarily paralyzes the muscle giving way to a much smoother appearance of the skin.  

What are treatments like?

As mentioned, Botox is administered by pricks from a very small gauge needle. Sometimes, ice or topical anesthetics can be used to numb the area before injections occur. Patients describe the injections feeling like a tiny pinch. The actual process of injecting the Botox into the muscles usually takes 10 minutes or less.   

Cost and how long do Botox Gold Coast treatments last?

Treatment costs differ from one practitioner to another and are details to discuss with your chosen provider. It’s important to remember that the treatment cost does include the medication and the expertise of the doctor administering the medication who was required to undergo rigorous training in order to perform these treatments. Patients typically report that the benefits of Botox Gold Coast treatments can last four months or more.  

Your first appointment

If you’ve decided that Botox treatments are right for you, make your first appointment with a reputable and well-regarded facility in your area. Your first appointment will include a facial analysis and extensive discussion of your goals. You will then have your first treatment which could include 5-10 tiny injections in the areas of the face that are concerns that you discussed with the doctor. 

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