Women and men both all over the world are falling in love with med spas. These facilities are a combination of a day spa, and an aesthetic medical facility. The services available depend entirely on the location you visit, but here are a few available at a med spa. 

Med Spa IV drips

Patients everywhere swear by the benefits of IV drips. These treatments include the administration of beneficial fluids, vitamins, and nutrients into the body intravenously. A med spa has IV drips to help with a host of things from weight loss to hangover help. If you need a little something extra to achieve a greater sense of overall health and wellbeing, consider scheduling an IV treatment. 

Injections available

The wonders of Botox injections have long been celebrated in the fields of aesthetics and dermatology. These injections are delivered by tiny needles to areas of concern on the face. There are many types of injections these days beyond just Botox and a candid conversation with a knowledgeable aesthetician about your options is a good way to start. 

Treat your face

Medical facials are another way to care for your skin. Like injections, there are many types of facials depending on your goals. Try an essential facial which hydrates, nourishes, and re energizes dry skin. A hydration facial helps to hydrate and soothe dry, sensitive and irritated skin. Or try a complexion RX facial which deep cleans, calms, and restores blemish-prone skin. 

New treatments on the cutting edge

One new treatment option available at this med spa is called IV NAD+ therapy. It combats forms of addiction by replacing the body’s nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide which is an enzyme naturally made by the body and part of its energy production process. The theory is that by restoring the body’s NAD+ levels, energy production is optimized and drug dependence and cravings reduced. 


Med spas have been creeping up in communities around the country for the last few years and solidly gaining a loyal fan base. One of the most popular services people find there are medical facials. These medical procedures use a variety of products and specific tools to hydrate, cleanse, and exfoliate facial skin. If you’re considering trying it out, here are four benefits of medical facials Stuart Fl. that you might enjoy. 

Remove toxins

The best way to cleanse toxins from your face—the grime, and dirt that builds up in your pores—is by cleaning thoroughly and often. Medical facials Stuart Fl. are a solid option for a deeper clean. The procedure will remove all kinds of impurities from the skin n your face and stimulate a much healthier environment where more elastin and collagen can be produced. 

Increase collagen and address other skin problems

Collagen is a protein made by your body that is a critical component of your connective tissue. Without ample collagen production, your skin would sag, develop wrinkles, become thin, and prone to damage. Medical facials remove impurities in your skin and make it a healthier environment that promotes the production of collagen in the skin. More collagen gives your skin a brighter, overall more youthful appearance. 

Relax and improve overall health and well being

Taking care of your body—all parts—is a critical component of achieving overall health and well being. So much goes into self-care, and you should definitely carve out time each day or on a weekly basis that you can dedicate to self-care. Medical facials are a great way to relax, reduce the causes of fine lines and wrinkles, and come closer to achieving overall health and well being.   

Improve circulation 

A part of most medical facials is a massage component. Oftentimes, technicians use specialized rollers that are thought to increase blood flow just beneath the skin’s surface. It’s also believed that the practice can help to increase the size of blood vessels under the skin allowing more healthful blood to travel there.

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