Intravenous access plays an important role in modern medicine. If you find yourself in the emergency room for any number of unfortunate reasons, one of the very first things they might do is to start an IV on you, even if it’s just in case. Delivery medications to the body through an IV is the quickest way for you to reap the intended benefits of the medication, and that concept has made it’s way beyond the hospital walls and into medical spas across the country who offer IV therapy as a cutting edge way to achieve greater overall health and well being. If you’ve considered adding the practice to your regime, here’s what you should know. 

What reasons do people have IV therapy?

People choose to incorporate IV therapy into their healthcare regimine for a number of reasons. Some are maintenance based like helping to maintain a certain energy level, or to combat the effects of aging, even to cure a hangover. Other reasons might be condition specific and IV therapy has shown promise in helping patients with medical conditions such as arthritis, iron deficiency, drug dependency, immune deficiencies, and much more.   

Does IV therapy have any side effects?

Because the cocktails administered in IV therapy sessions are good for you, there really are no side effects to be weary of. Patients in some rare cases might experience temporary dizziness, nausea, mild headaches, or itchiness at the site of the IV. Other than those few inconveniences, IV therapy packs a lot of good punch and not much else to worry about other than feeling better almost immediately. 

What to expect from a treatment

During your first appointment, you can expect to have a consultation with an infusion expert who will go over your healthcare goals with you and options for treatments available. You will be taken to an infusion room where you will be seated in a comfortable chair. A provider will start an IV and your medication cocktail will begin. The whole session could take as little as half an hour before you’re ready to go on about your daily life.   

What can you do during a treatment

When receiving an IV therapy treatment, you will be semi mobile. You will be able to go to the bathroom if necessary. You can eat snacks or drink. You can watch TV or read a book, or even catch up on work. You can also lay back and relax and let the magic cocktail do it’s thing.


Women and men both all over the world are falling in love with med spas. These facilities are a combination of a day spa, and an aesthetic medical facility. The services available depend entirely on the location you visit, but here are a few available at a med spa. 

Med Spa IV drips

Patients everywhere swear by the benefits of IV drips. These treatments include the administration of beneficial fluids, vitamins, and nutrients into the body intravenously. A med spa has IV drips to help with a host of things from weight loss to hangover help. If you need a little something extra to achieve a greater sense of overall health and wellbeing, consider scheduling an IV treatment. 

Injections available

The wonders of Botox injections have long been celebrated in the fields of aesthetics and dermatology. These injections are delivered by tiny needles to areas of concern on the face. There are many types of injections these days beyond just Botox and a candid conversation with a knowledgeable aesthetician about your options is a good way to start. 

Treat your face

Medical facials are another way to care for your skin. Like injections, there are many types of facials depending on your goals. Try an essential facial which hydrates, nourishes, and re energizes dry skin. A hydration facial helps to hydrate and soothe dry, sensitive and irritated skin. Or try a complexion RX facial which deep cleans, calms, and restores blemish-prone skin. 

New treatments on the cutting edge

One new treatment option available at this med spa is called IV NAD+ therapy. It combats forms of addiction by replacing the body’s nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide which is an enzyme naturally made by the body and part of its energy production process. The theory is that by restoring the body’s NAD+ levels, energy production is optimized and drug dependence and cravings reduced. 


Intravenous therapy has been part of the medical standard of care for most health treatments for a very long time—dating back even to the Middle Ages. Granted, the medical community has come a long way since those first treatments, and today IV infusion can even be an ancillary treatment used when you’re not even technically sick to achieve greater overall health and well being. Consider these four possible advantages of infusion therapy. 

Improve immunity with IV infusion

You’ve read about the daily recommended amounts of vitamins and nutrients in your food. Well, it’s no secret that most people don’t even get close. Your body only functions optimally with those vitamins and nutrients, so supplementing your intake with IV fusion is a surefire way to improve your overall health thereby improving your immune response to sickness and disease.   

Improve anxiety and depression

When your body is functioning optimally, you feel better overall. These good, positive feelings will also help to offset anxiety and depression that you might struggle with from time to time. In addition, IV infusion provides much needed fluids to the body and the brain. A well-hydrated brain will function as it should, and so many of the vitamins and nutrients delivered through IV therapy will go a long way to support healthy brain function. 

Boost energy with IV infusion

When your body has the proper nutrients and minerals that it needs to function properly, you’ll also feel more energetic. You can count on IV infusions to help boost your energy in this way. During the treatment your cells will get a recharge and begin to repair themselves and replicate into new healthy cells.   

Improve cognition and memory

Just as IV therapy can help combat the effects of depression and anxiety, it can also improve brain health and have specific impacts on cognition and memory. Hydration is the key, and most people don’t drink enough fresh water throughout the day to keep their brain properly hydrated. IV therapy helps with hydration directly and the difference from before and after can be astounding. 


Medical spas have increased in popularity around the country. Men and women, both, flock to them for a greater sense of overall health and wellness, an improved appearance, and for minor medical issues that can be addressed with aesthetic treatments. If you’re curious about the world of med spas, consider these services waiting for you at this one med spa

Spa Aesthetics Services

Aesthetic services available at this med spa include treatments aimed at improving one’s appearance, reducing the effects of aging, and returning a more youthful appearance to patients. There are many types of these treatments and some common ones are Botox, Juviderm, and Latisse. Often these treatments improve the look of aging skin by removing wrinkles and causing the skin to appear more taught in areas that wrinkle with age and even sun exposure.  

IV Therapy 

Another common reason for people to visit a med spa is to receive IV therapy services. IV therapy services are administered intravenously through an IV and are sought out for a number of reasons. A few of the IV packages available at this Stuart Med Spa include those for anti aging, hangovers, weight loss, energy boosters, treatments for Parkinson’s disease, and more. If you’re curious about how IV treatments can improve your overall health and well being, schedule a consultation today.  

Wedding Packages

Planning a wedding can be strenuous and stressful. What better way to treat yourself before the big day finally arrives than a wedding package. Pick the bachelorette rejuvenation package and treat your bridesmaids to Botox, fillers, facials, vitamin therapy, massages, and more. Or pick the bachelor recovery for the day after the bachelor party. Everyone will benefit from the hangover IV therapy drip and feel good as new when it’s done.  

Skin Products 

Med spas also have access to the very best skin care products on the market today. Products are often sold by areas of concern on the face or body, or specific skin concerns that patients have and that can be treated on a daily or weekly basis at home. Check out the extensive line of products available here.

Vitamin C is a key nutrient that humans get from food. You can also increase your Vitamin C intake by taking supplements or visiting a therapy lounge for a little IV Vitamin C therapy. This kind of treatment continues to grow in popularity and shows no significant negative side effects in research. Here are just a few of the many benefits that experts feel you might take away from the treatment

What is a treatment in a therapy lounge like

IV Vitamin C therapy treatments are often administered in a therapy lounge. These rooms are typically found within a medical spa and have the same feel as many other types of spas with calming colors, comfortable chairs, refreshments, and friendly staff. For your treatment appointment, you’ll be guided to the lounge where you will be made comfortable before a trained attendant starts an IV and begins your IV drip which might take as long as an hour to complete.  

How do I find a therapy lounge near me

Therapy lounges and medical spas are growing in popularity by the day and becoming easier to find. A good first step would be to ask family and friends if they know of any such places near where you live. If you don’t get any tips that way, or in addition to those recommendations, hit the Internet and search for lounges in your area that have good reputations and get good reviews from past clients.  

Potential health benefits of IV treatments

The main benefit of receiving additional Vitamin C by IV rather than oral supplements is that the Vitamin C will be able to reach higher levels in your bloodstream increasing its benefits. Vitamin C can help reduce the side effects of cancer treatment and has been shown in some studies to decrease cancer cells in some patients. It has a generally positive effect on the cognitive system, the digestive system, boost immune response, help muscles and tendons repair themselves more quickly, and even improve heart health.  

How often should you get treatments

The medical professional that administers your first treatment will recommend how often you should return for follow up treatments. Typically, healthy individuals benefit from having one to two treatments per month. Cancer patients looking to reap the rewards of Vitamin C in the fight for their life can have as many as three treatments a week throughout treatment.

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