Which Is More Effective?

The difference between absorption of IV and oral vitamins is enormous. Oral vitamins do have true benefit in ongoing maintenance and treatment. They’re also effective in helping maintain the high levels of nutrients achieved with IV treatments.

But those nutrients must travel a laborious pathway in which many of them are lost.

That’s not the case with IV vitamins. They move directly into your body’s cells without ever passing through the gut.

In contrast, here’s the path that a single nutrient, Vitamin C, must take once you’ve swallowed it:

  1. Digestion in the stomach – where gastric acids, enzymes, and “intrinsic factors” may or may not be adequate or overly acidic.
  2. Digestion in the small intestine – where fats, protein, and carbs are absorbed, and where essential enzymes must be present, unless there’s a problem.
  3. Absorption in the large intestine – where mostly water and minerals are absorbed.
  4. Transport of the nutrients to the liver for detoxification and processing.
  5. Delivery from the liver to blood vessels going to the rest of the body.
  6. Absorption from the blood vessels into the tissues and from the tissues into the cells.

Now, that’s a lot to absorb!

It’s also a pathway on which a lot of mishaps can occur. At best, only a portion of the nutrients we eat can be delivered to the cells where our metabolism operates. Patients with bloating, leaky gut, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, or food sensitivities often lose many nutrients during these steps.

Taking vitamins and nutrients via the IV route is completely different. The IV delivers 100% of each vitamin into your bloodstream by bypassing the digestive system. You get a much higher concentration of vitamins than you can ever get via oral intake. Immediately after getting your treatment, you begin to benefit from increased hydration and the effects of the vitamins kick shortly after. Whether it’s part of your regular wellness routine or an occasional pick-me-up when you’re under the weather and need a boost, IV therapy provides a palpable uptick in your wellbeing.

Custom Blend

There’s very little personalization when taking vitamin pills and tablets. You get what’s there. As a result, many people find themselves taking multiple products to get the combination of results they want. IV therapy is the complete opposite. You can select a blend of the nutrients that are right for you based on the benefits they provide and the aspects of your health they address. Moreover, these benefits are delivered in one, single drip. Want to boost your immune system, elevate your energy levels, or increase your memory and focus? It can be done.

Better Absorption

One of the biggest benefits of IV therapy is how efficient it is. When you consume nutrients orally, they have to go through your digestive system and metabolize before your body can use them. It’s a slow process and the reality is that orally consumed vitamins are around 50% bioavailable at best. Yikes. 

Compare that to the nutrients received via IV therapy, which your body is able to absorb 100% of since they bypass the laborious and time-consuming digestive process and go right into your bloodstream where they can get to work. The end result is that you feel better faster.

While there is a time and place for oral supplements, IV therapy is a highly effective and efficient option for those who need hydration, vitamins, or other medications quickly. Ready to see the difference that IV therapy can deliver? Our medical practitioners at Neurostrive Hydration and Med Spa are highly experienced in administering IV therapy for men and women in Stuart, Port St. Lucie, Martin County, and South Florida. Click here to book your IV therapy treatment.