With the right aesthetic proportion and symmetry, lips bring balance to the face and make an individual even more attractive. In a pair or attractive lips, the right and left side of the lips should look symmetrical, the upper lip to lower lip ratio should be proportional, and the lip border should look luscious and defined.

What can lip filler be used for?

Lip fillers can be used to plump up thin lips, reduce lip lines, hydrate the lips, and most commonly to make the lips full and pouty. When done well, it can shift the focus of one’s looks and balance one’s profile. Whether you’re looking to subtly enhance your natural lip shape, replace volume lost to the natural aging process or to simply smooth our creasing on the lips with deep hydration, our expert practitioners will be able to advise which treatments will best suit your goals and your individual look. 

Can lip filler ever look natural?

Yes, lip filler can give you a natural-looking result. Depending on what type of yresults you want, lip filler can give you anywhere from a natural appearance to a celebrity-like pout. Whatever look you want to achieve, it is always best to choose a highly experienced injector who uses proper techniques. There are a lot of factors that go into making a lip filler look natural. One of the reasons that some patients end up with unwanted results is because their injector uses the wrong amount of dermal filler, or the provider does a bad job. To get a natural look, lip filler must be placed strategically and precisely. This is why it’s important to go with an injector who has proper experience and an artistic eye. At Neurostrive, we believe less is more when it comes to lip filler. Our specialty is a natural but fuller looking pout that is balanced with the rest of your facial features.

I have fine lines around my mouth from aging that I want to smooth out, but I don’t want lots of lip filler, can this be done?

Many of our patients patients who wish for skin rejuvenation – not a noticeable change to the size or shape of their lips – say this to us. However, the aging process can cause the lips to lose volume and areas such as the Cupid’s bow and philtrum can become flatter and less pronounced, forming a less attractive side profile. The upper cutaneous lip lengthens during the ageing process, and repetitive muscle movement around the lips can cause those fine lines and deeper wrinkles and sun exposure, and smoking. To reduce those fine lines and rejuvenate and enhance the lips, our expert injectors will need to replace volume slightly by injecting dermal fillers directly into the lip area. By strategically using lip filler, we will hydrate the area and not over-fill or plump up the lips. This will provide a subtle outcome and smoother skin appearance in this area.

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