Memory Booster Drip

Memory Booster Drip


This “BRAIN POWER” fortifying infusion combines vitamin B12, B-complex, glutathione, folic acid, taurine and lipoic acid to help improve the energy for your brain and body necessary for growth and maintenance of the nervous system. This unique treatment will enhance your mental clarity, boost your memory and focus, and protect your brain from degenerative conditions and development of age-related memory dysfunction. It is also ideal to fight exhaustion and enhance your concentration and focus levels, particularly useful before or after a busy work period.


B12 • B-Complex • Glutathione • Taurine • Lipoic Acid • L-Carnitine • Magnesium


Enhances Cognitive Ability
Improves Mental Fatigue
Boosts Brain Activity
Increases Focus and Concentration
Combats the Effects of Age-related memory dysfunction

Price Per Drip


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