SmartSkin CO2 Resurfacing Laser

SmartSkin CO2 is a laser resurfacing treatment intended for those that have advanced signs of aging. It targets deep wrinkles, loss of firmness and elasticity, reduces pore sizes, and evens out the skin tone.

Fast Facts

SmartSkin CO2 Laser

As we age, our skin’s collagen and elastin production slows. This, along with environmental factors such as sun exposure, lifestyle choices and genetics can lead to wrinkles and creases on our faces and around the eyes that can make you skin look aged, dull and uneven.

SmartSkin CO2 skin resurfacing diminishes fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring, and other signs of photo-damage. It is a particularly effective and popular treatment for the under-eye area (Madonna Eye Lift), where fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity, and discoloration present a frustrating problem as one ages.

The incredible thing about the SmartSkin CO2 laser is how easily it can give you more youthful looking skin, that just keeps getting better over time. In just one treatment, you will have more youthful looking skin with a smoother texture and improved, more even tone. There is minimal downtime, the procedure is non-invasive unlike surgical options, and it provides dramatic long lasting results.

The Neurostrive medical team is proud to deliver our patients in Stuart, Port St. Lucie, Martin County, and South Florida the latest advancements in laser resurfacing treatments for the best possible results. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for a personalized treatment plan.

Madonna Eye Lift

With SmartSkin CO2 Resurfacing Laser

If dark rings under your eyes and loose, drooping skin in the eyelids are compromising your facial appearance, the Madonna lift may be an excellent option for you.

The Madonna lift or “fractional eye lift” is a non-surgical laser procedure performed on the skin around the eye. It has been designed to soften fine lines and wrinkles and lift the eyebrow to achieve a rejuvenated, younger appearance. It can be used on both the lower and upper lid to tighten and lift, while stimulating collagen production. This procedure is non-invasive, which makes the downtime and recovery much less time-consuming than it is with a surgical eye lift.

The Madonna lift uses a fractional laser beam that is broken into microscopic columns of light. When these beams strike the surface of the skin, they remove old, damaged elastic fibers and collagen, allowing healthy new tissue to grow into these channels. Since only a “fraction” of your skin is affected, healing is quick and virtually painless.


  • Avoid sun exposure
  • Decrease alcohol consumption
  • Discontinue use of harsh skincare products such as scrubs or peels
  • Avoid eating or drinking for at least 6 hours prior


  • Topical or local anesthetic
  • Laser is applied to the treatment area, targeting skin texture, irregular pigmentation, fine lines, and other skin imperfections
  • Once treated, a serum will be applied


  • Some discomfort
  • Skin will feel raw and swollen
  • Use OTC medications and cool compresses to ease discomfort


  • Keep skin moisturized
  • Avoid sun exposure
  • Do not pick or peel any flaking skin
  • Skin may be pink or red for a week
  • Most patients resume normal activities within a week
How long does the treatment take?

The entire face can be treated in less than 30 minutes.

What should I expect immediately following treatment?

Immediately after the treatment, your skin will feel warm and may appear sunburned. You may see some redness and swelling which is completely normal.

What type of result can I expect?

After a few days, you will notice a more even skin tone, smoother skin texture and healthier looking skin. Over time, collagen will regenerate and restore the supporting structure of your skin providing continued results months after the treatment.

How long will the results last?

With proper skin care and protection, results can last years.

When can I resume daily my activities?

Since the SmartSkin CO2 laser delivers micro pulses of energy you will experience a significantly shorter recovery time than with fully ablative lasers. Each tiny hole will quickly heal and in a few days you can return to your normal lifestyle. Treatments are adjustable so downtime will depend on the treatment you receive.

How many treatments will I need?

Typically, only one treatment is needed for desired results. However, since treatments can be adjusted to your cosmetic and downtime expectations, you can opt for two or three “lighter” sessions.

Can it cause scarring?

Although the CO2 laser is ablative, meaning the top layer of the skin is completely resurfaced, scarring should not be a result of the treatment itself when performed properly by a well-trained provider and when pre- and post-care instructions are followed. CO2 laser is intended to help treat existing scarring and wrinkles and improve skin texture.